Looking for other languages? Given above are links to our most complete and popular language learning sections. This website hosts 79 language sections, a list of which can be found on the language learning games index page. We have created interactive flashcards with audio for learning many languages. Our picture dictionaries provide an excellent tool for introducing new vocabulary to younger language learners.

Language learning games and flashcards

Go to the language section you wish to use and choose a subject to instantly access the activity. No registration is necessary on this website, and all games are free of charge. Teachers are welcome to use these materials in classrooms or add links to these games in resource lists. Interactive language learning resources for kids and language students of all ages.

Our French learning games page offers wordlists with audio and fun practice games for learning essential French grammar, phrases and vocabulary. Some of the vocabulary in the French section can be learned with our French flashcards. Younger kids can be given our French picture dictionaries for learning some of the words that feature in our French activities. Students can use the French verbs games to learn new verbs in the infinitive and for conjugating verbs in the indicative and subjunctive.

Our Spanish learning games page hosts 25 fun quizzes for beginners. If the student wishes to spend time revising or learning these words, our Spanish flashcards can help with this! Otherwise, you could check out our visual Spanish picture dictionaries, which include audio. Students can use our interactive Spanish verbs games to learn new verbs in the infinitive and for conjugating verbs in the indicative, subjunctive, and imperative moods.

Learn German phrases, words, numbers and grammar with our German learning games. Vocabulary for several of these online quizzes can be drilled prior to testing with our German flashcards or learned with the aid of our German picture dictionaries.

Beginner English as a Second Language (ESL) students can be directed to our online ESL English games. A great way of presenting this new vocab to ESL students is by using our ESL picture dictionaries as a link for them to follow on their own PCs, or for projecting in front of a classroom. Give your students our ESL flashcards for drilling these English words.

Recent updates: we have just uploaded a comprehensive Arabic learning games section, as well as a dozen sets of interactive Arabic vocabulary flashcards. Beginners should start with the Arabic alphabet quiz. Most materials include Modern Standard Arabic words and audio. There are also some exercises for learning Levantine Arabic, as spoken in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

About the Digital Dialects website.

The Digital Dialects website offers fun practice games, flashcards and interactive materials with audio for learning 80 foreign languages, and dozens of interactive maps and quizzes for learning World geography. Designed for both independent language students and for classroom use, the games are free to use and do not require registration. Kids' and students' second or foreign language learning resource for revision, practice and testing. Included are materials for learning grammar, spelling, alphabets, verb conjugation, vocabulary and phrases. Language acquisition activities for teachers to incorporate into classroom learning, or for relaxed independent learning. Most of these intuitive and easy-to-use games require only minimal instruction for use, and can generally be used by young kids without too much parental supervision. Games and vocabulary lists include audio for teaching correct pronunciation. Some language study sections include games that teach alphabets or scripts. Language sections also include further links to helpful study resources, tips for language learning and information on language and culture. All language learning activities are modern-browser friendly requiring no software downloads, are mobile-friendly, and particularly suited to being played on tablets.

Digital Dialects covers a wide range of languages, many of which are indigenous, minority and endangered languages. Over the history of the website, several linguists, language teachers and those promoting the revitalization of endangered languages have aided with the creation of new language sections. The result of these efforts has been the creation of free and fun exercises for the learning of languages that are under-resourced.

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