Games for learning Russian language

Russian language learning games on this education site were created for students of different ages, including school kids, adults and senior learners. The use of Russian language materials on Digital Dialects do not require any provision of personal details and are free for anyone to play or share online. Games give both Cyrillic and transliterations options, as well as audio spoken by a native Russian speaker with a standard accent. The Russian alphabet is not difficult to learn and will be of great benefit to the student for learning to read, write and pronounce Russian. From the vocabulary lists you can learn the words or common phrases, and then test your linguistic proficiency with the test exercises. You will find that the Russian vocabulary and phrases on these pages in both Cyrillic and transliteration format, and with corresponding English translations. The Russian phrases sections will help you to begin communicating in spoken Russian language. Russian serves as a lingua franca in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and many of the phrases and common words you learn here can be of use for basic communication in these parts of the world. The numbers quizzes and vocabulary sections will help you to express needs and wants while traveling. Most Russians do not speak any English, so some phrases and basic words will be essential for communicating in Russia, as well as for engaging at a basic level with Russian people. Digital Dialects Russian games are easy to use and provide a simple linguistic pedagogy suitable to school and study environments. Pick from the above Russian topics and subjects, and play the language acquisition games

Russian learning games include:

Begin Russian with our Russian Cyrillic alphabet game. The Russian alphabet has some similarities with the Roman alphabet, and its not very difficult to learn. If you do decide you don't need to learn the alphabet, most of these games feature transliteration options.

Numbers in Russian - quizzes to learn to count Russian numbers starting with 1-12. Adding the numbers at the next stage is the 13-20 game. For multiples of 10 up to 100 play the Arithmetic style games in which you add the Russian words for numbers together to choose the correct answer. Cyrillic and transliteration options.

Russian phrases - Basic communication with the most common salutations and greetings. Includes useful phrases such as for ordering food, asking directions and telling someone you love them. Play phrases game 1 to start your Russian language studies. This game has an audio option, provided by a Russian native, an option giving the phrases in Cyrillic or if you wish to quickly learn a few phrases for travel, play the phrases transliterations game. After completing this exercise play phrases game 2 for a few extra sentences for spoken communication with Russian people, which also gives playing options for audio, Cyrillic and transliterations.

Colors - the most common 11 color words in the Russian language.

Fruit and vegetables game - 15 of the most common words for fruit and vegetables in a basic quiz with audio. For elementary level students and kids.

Food and drinks in the Russian language - some of the most useful food vocabulary with audio in a simple and colorful quiz designed for kids or school students and children. 15 questions at beginners level.

Animals in Russian - learn the words for animals and then choose either the game with 17 questions if you are not yet familiar with the vocabulary or the complete 33 question game. Here you will also have to identify the nouns's gender.

Vocabulary quizzes - two games with word lists and audio. Beginners may wish to first take the simpler quiz with 17 words. Play vocabulary game 1 to begin with, then learn more new words with vocabulary game 2.

Vocabulary builders (not suitable for smaller mobile screens) - as you begin to acquire more vocabulary, these two games each offer 48 additional words. Match the Russian word with the corresponding English word. Vocabulary builder 1, and for slightly more advanced level words, try the vocabulary builder 2. Both include spoken Russian audio.

Days and months - some of the vocabulary you will need to read calendars or timetables. Words for days and months in Russian. Cyrillic version only.

Russian spelling games - this section currently offers three games for spelling Russian words in Cyrillic; colors, animals and vocabulary. In these Cyrillic spelling quizzes you will also be tested on the gender of the noun.

Mobile and tablet games for Russian - there are several games with audio on our Russian for mobile pages including colors, numbers, phrases, animals, vocabulary. If you come to this site with a mobile device you will be automatically redirected to this page.

Other Slavic languages with several language acquisition games and native audio on Digital Dialects include the Croatian games games and the learn Polish games sections.

Some further materials for learning Russian can be found on the BBC learn Russian page.

We hope you found these language learning games useful! Good luck with your Russian language studies!

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