Games for learning the Romanian language

The Romanian language acquisition games on this page are free and do not require registration or user information. Travelers to Romania or Moldova may find the Romanian common phrases section useful, as well as the basic word-vocabulary games. Each Romanian study topic includes a vocabulary list with audio for studying the correct Romanian pronunciation and online practice games for testing learning progress. Choose the Romanian subject you wish to learn, revise the vocabulary and then test your Romanian level with the interactive game. Study materials on this page are of most use to beginner level learners or travelers, though those with some degree of acquaintance with the language may wish to play this website's Romanian spelling games.

Romanian is a Romance language; the same family as French, Spanish and Italian, and like these languages, Romanian has its roots in Latin. Those familiar with another Romance language will find Romanian easier to learn. Romania is surrounded by Slavic language speaking countries, and about 10% of the vocabulary comes from Slavic languages. There are also influences from Greek, Turkish and the now extinct Dacian language. Around 24 million speakers of Romanian living in Moldova and Romania. In Moldova, Romanian is also known as the Moldovan language. In both of these countries Romanian is the language of the majority, and the sole national language. However, there are sizable communities that do not speak Romanian as their first language in both of these countries. Romanian is also an official language of the Serbian province of Vojvodina.

Online learn Romanian materials include:

Learn Romanian phrases - begin your Romanian studies by learning to say 'good morning' and 'I'm lost'. Some of the most common greetings, including phrases for ordering food or asking directions. Exercise and word list includes spoken Romanian audio provided by a native Romanian speaker with a typical accent.

Learn Romanian numbers - begin learning the numbers with the numbers in Romanian 1-12, and then continue counting to 20 with the numbers in Romanian 13-20 game For multiples of ten play the numbers in Romanian 0-100 game. Arithmetic games in which you add the Romanian words for numbers together to choose the correct answer. Audio for learning to pronounce Romanian numbers is provided on the intro page.

Fruit and vegetables game - 15 of the most useful words for Romanian fruit and vegetables in a simple quiz with Romanian voice recording included. Begin you Romanian language studies with some of the most essential vocabulary. Make sure you pay attention to the indication of gender that comes with each noun in this language learning activity. For elementary level language students and those needing to go grocery shopping.

Food and drinks in Romanian - some of the most useful common food vocabulary with audio in a simple and colorful quiz designed for school students and children. 15 words for beginner students.

Learn colors in Romanian - study the 11 most common colors words with a fun online language learning activity. Multiple-choice fun practice game with audio.

Animals in Romanian- learn 17 words for common animals in the Romanian. Match the graphic (of an animal) with the Romanian word with a fun online language arts exercise.

Days and months - learn the days of the week and the months of the year in a visual quiz that is suitable for kids and elementary students. Learn essential Romanian vocabulary for making arrangements and appointments.

Romanian spelling games - this Romanian words spelling section currently offers three games for spelling Romanian words; colors and two vocabulary games. The best way to ensure you have fully learned all of the vocabulary on this beginner's page.

Mobile and tablet games for Romanian - there are several games with audio on our Romanian for mobile/tablets pages including colors, numbers, phrases, animals, vocabulary. If you come to this site with a mobile device you will be automatically redirected to this page.

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BBC Romanian has materials for those new to the Romanian language. Romanian is available for mobiles on Duolingo Romanian.


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