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Digital Dialects Samoan language learning games are suitable for kids and adult Samoan students of all ages and learning styles. Games and learning materials are free to use and do not require the provision of personal details nor registration for use. Choose the subject you wish to study, revise the vocabulary or phrases and then play the interactive learning quiz. Materials are ideal as a classroom exercise, for self-study, or for use as a homeschooling resource. Included with each topic is a wordlist or phrase list with English translations and audio buttons with spoken native Samoan for learning pronunciation.

About the Samoan language:

Samoan is a Polynesian language, with an estimated 500,000 speakers. The Samoan language has its origins in the Samoan Islands, an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. The Samoan Islands are divided between the country of Samoa and the smaller adjacent US territory of American Samoa. Samoan remains the prominent language of both territories as well as the co-official language along with English. Even though the Samoan Islands are a considerable physical distance from their nearest neighbors, Samoan language retains considerable linguistic similarities with languages such as Tongan and Cook Islands Māori, which are also Polynesian languages. Many Samoan have moved to New Zealand, the United States and Australia, and up to half of all Samoan speakers live in these countries. There is a considerable difference between informal everyday speech in Samoan language, and the formal language used for ceremonial purposes and for communication with elders and people of higher rank.

Online Samoan learning games include:

Learn Samoan numbers - quizzes with audio to learn the numbers. 1-12 teaches you to count up to 12. After learning these numbers you can continue up to 20 with the 13-20 numbers game. For learning multiples of ten play the 0-100 game. Arithmetic games in which you add the Samoan words for numbers together to choose the correct answer.

Samoan phrases - common and useful phrases for beginners and travelers. Basic communication with the most common salutations and greetings, and phrases for ordering food or asking directions. 2 games - Learn Samoan phrases 1 and learn Samoan phrases 2

Colors in Samoan - 11 words; the most common color vocabulary in the language. A fun and simple quiz suitable for young kids.

Fruit and vegetable game - 15 of the most useful words for Samoan fruit and vegetables in a simple quiz with audio. For elementary level students and kids.

Animals in Samoan - learn the words for animals and then play the game - 17 Samoan words in a fun and visual interactive quiz. Match the word with the animal image.

Vocabulary quiz - game with vocabulary list and audio - 33 Samoan words.

Vocabulary builders - as you begin to acquire more Samoan vocabulary, these two games each offer 48 additional words. Match the Samoan word with the corresponding English word. Vocabulary builder 1, and the slightly more advanced vocabulary builder 2.

Mobile and tablet games for Samoan - there are several games with audio on our Samoan for mobile pages including colors, numbers, phrases, animals, vocabulary. If you come to this site with a mobile device you will be automatically redirected to this page.

On this website we host several Pacific island/Polynesian language pages including learn Cook Islands Māori language games, learn Fijian language games, learn Māori language games, learn Niuean language games and learn Tongan language games section. All include several games.

A great list of Samoan learning resources can be found on the Victoria University's webpage of Samoan learning links


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