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The Digital Dialects Vietnamese study section features interactive quizzes with audio for students of Vietnamese as a foreign language. Each Vietnamese learning topic includes vocabulary lists and revision exercises with audio for studying pronunciation. Vietnamese games on Digital Dialects are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for both kids and adult learners. Vietnamese games include audio options teaching pronunciation. Fun learning activities for all students to use and access wherever they can find an internet connection. Vietnamese language learning games on this page include audio options for teaching pronunciation. Vietnamese can be tricky to pronounce (with its 6 tones) so pay attention to the audio in these games. The audio in these learning games was contributed by a Vietnamese person with a southern dialect (Ho Chi Minh region).

About the Vietnamese language

Vietnamese, a Viet-Muong language belonging to the Austroasiatic family, is mostly spoken in Vietnam, but also by small Vietnamese minorities in Laos and Cambodia, and by the large Vietnamese diaspora in several western countries. In Vietnam, it is the main language of the majority Vietnamese ethnic group, and typically the second language of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities, who comprise around about 15% of the population. Around 75 million people speak Vietnamese. Much Vietnamese vocabulary comes from Chinese (30-60%), and there is also some influence from the Tai languages. Vietnamese is a recognized minority in language in the Czech Republic. In the United States, Vietnamese is the fourth most spoken language, with 1.5 million speakers.

Online Vietnamese language learning materials include:

Learn Vietnamese phrases - begin your Vietnamese studies by learning to say hello and asking where the toilet is. Exercise and word list include spoken Vietnamese audio provided by a native speaker (from South Vietnam) with a standard South Vietnamese accent, which may vary considerably from North and Central (Hue etc) Vietnam dialects. Great resource for travels visiting Vietnam who wish to learn to communicate the basics with locals.

Numbers in the Vietnamese language: learn the numbers with a fun online practice game. Choose to learn either the Vietnamese numbers 1-12 or continue up to twenty with the Vietnamese numbers 13-20. Arithmetic games in which you add the Vietnamese words for numbers together to choose the correct answer. Learn to bargain with a vendor for delicious street food or for a pair of fake sunglasses. Audio for learning to pronounce the numbers is provided on the intro page.

Colors in Vietnamese - the 11 most common Vietnamese colors words with audio. Fun multiple-choice language learning game for learning essential vocabulary in the Vietnamese language.

Telling the time in Vietnamese - in this interactive activity and game you will learn to tell the time on the hour and the minutes past the hour in the Vietnamese language.

Vocabulary learning games - two fun online practice games with vocabulary lists and audio, each of which contains 17 Vietnamese words. Beginners may wish to first take the simpler language learning quiz with 17 words. Choose either Vietnamese vocabulary game 1 or the slightly more advanced Vietnamese vocabulary game 2.

Vocabulary builders - as you begin to acquire more Vietnamese vocabulary, these two fun online language learning activities each offer 48 useful new words. Match the Vietnamese word with the corresponding English word. One practice game focuses on nouns, the other on Vietnamese verbs. We advise you to try the audio game version for listening to the spoken Vietnamese. Play either the Vietnamese vocabulary game for learning everyday words, or the Vietnamese verb builder for common useful verb words.

Mobile and tablet games for Vietnamese - there are several games with audio on our Vietnamese for mobile/tablets pages including colors, numbers, phrases, animals, vocabulary. If you come to this site with a mobile device you will be automatically redirected to this page.

Duolingo Vietnamese the language learning app for smartphone use takes you through the basics of the language. On youtube VietnamesePod101.com has plenty of useful videos covering a range of topics.


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