Hungarian games for language learning

The Digital Dialects Hungarian games page features online interactive games with audio for students of Hungarian as a foreign language. Games are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for all ages. Students of the language can access these learning activities on any device and in any place where they can find an internet connection. A fun means of language acquisition and an interactive learning style that provides a more efficient way of retaining vocabulary than textbook or phrasebook learning. Make sure you listen to the Hungarian language recordings that come with the vocabulary lists for the purpose of learning pronunciation. Materials on this Hungarian learning page are of most use to beginner level students or travelers to Hungary. Students with some familiarity with the Hungarian language and that have learned an amount of vocabulary may wish to try the Hungarian spelling games.

Hungarian language learning games include:

Learn Hungarian phrases - 17 of the most common greetings and phrases in the Hungarian language, such as 'good morning' and 'excuse me'. Essentials for beginning communication with Hungarian people and for visiting the beautiful city of Budapest. Fun online game that offers an interactive learning experience and that provides audio for learning pronunciation.

Learn to count using the Hungarian numbers game and wordlist with audio. 1-12 numbers in Hungarian game; one of the first games beginners should play to learn the basics. The 13-20 numbers in Hungarian game builds on the first game with the numbers up to 20 included. The numbers in Hungarian 0-100 game is a fun language game for learning the multiples of 10. Arithmetic style games in which you add the Hungarian words for numbers together to choose the correct answer.

Animal words game - study the vocabulary for animals in Hungarian language. Fun online learning activity designed for young kids beginning their Hungarian language studies. Match pictures of animals with the Hungarian word.

Hungarian vocabulary game 1 and the further Hungarian vocabulary game 2. In each of these Hungarian language activity you will learn 33 common nouns (17 in the mobile version) with a fun visual online game with audio.

Fruit and vegetables vocabulary - learn Hungarian fruit and vegetables in a simple exercise. Interactive language activity with a visual 15 word learning presentation with audio and a fun free-to-use game. For beginner students and those needing to go grocery shopping in Hungary.

Food and drinks vocabulary - some useful food vocabulary that you may need for shopping or for ordering food in a cafe. 15 vocabulary Hungarian learning game

Colors in Hungarian - learn the words for the colors in a colorful quiz with audio options. Fun and simple to use click-and-identify learning quiz where you match the Hungarian word with the color.

Vocabulary builders - two quizzes each offer 48 useful words. Match the Hungarian word with the corresponding English word. Vocabulary builder 1 and the slightly more advanced vocabulary builder 2.

Hungarian spelling games - this Hungarian words spelling section currently offers four games for spelling Hungarian vocabulary; colors, animals and two vocabulary games.

Mobile and tablet games for Hungarian - the games on this Hungarian site in a format specifically for mobile users. Vocabulary drills and phrases games.

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