Hindi School - Sachdeva

Sachdeva Language Centre, Rishikesh  

The Sachdeva Language Centre is a small school for learning Hindi Language located in Laxman Juhla, Rishikesh, India run by Mr Sachdeva who provided the audio for the Digital Dialects Hindi section. Throughout much of 2010, Craig Gibson the author of Digital Dialects studied Hindi under Mr Sachdeva.

The classes are better value than anywhere else in India that I am aware of. Expect around 250 rps per hour (may have increased by now, or be negotiable, etc). Much cheaper than the popular language schools, and for your money you recieve one to one tuition. Mr Sachdeva is an excellent teacher with over 15 years of experience. A highlight of my many years of language learning, and I'm planning to return as soon as time permits!

Furthermore Rishikesh has to be one of the liveliest, culturally rich and most pleasant places to stay in India.

If you are a serious student, or would just like to acquire some Hindi for your trip around India you may contact Mr Sachdeva:

(91) 09897103808


The school is located by the Post Office in Laxman Juhla, Rishikesh. If in Rishikesh, you might pop over for a chat.