Brazilian Portuguese language games

The Digital Dialects Brazilian Portuguese language page features online games with audio for students of Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language. Quizzes are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for all ages. Materials are of most use to beginner students or travelers to Portugal, though those with some familiarity with the language should try the Brazilian Portuguese spelling games.

This page uses Brazilian Portuguese, which is quite different from European Portuguese. For the European form of Portuguese visit the European Portuguese learning page. You will notice many words and the accents are quite different from one another. Omniglot's Portuguese section is a decent guide to the differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation.

Brazilian Portuguese games include:

Brazilian Portuguese phrases - 17 of the most commonly used phrases and greetings in the Portuguese language, such as 'how are you?' and 'where are you from?'. The essentials for beginning to speak with Portuguese people. If you'd like to learn a couple of basic greetings simply for a weekend break to Florianópolis or to surprise a Brazilian buddy, check out our how to say hello in Brazilian Portuguese page.

Numbers in Brazilian Portuguese - study the numbers from 1-12 game, the continue to learn up to twenty with the 13-20 game. For multiples of ten up to 100 try the 0-100 game. Add the number words together to choose the correct answer in this basic Portuguese arithmetic quiz for learning the numbers you will need to ask travel times and to count money.

Colors words - learn the vocabulary for colors with Portuguese audio options. Essential Portuguese adjectives language arts game for kids.

Fruit and vegetables words - learn Brazilian Portuguese fruit and vegetables in a simple quiz with audio included. For beginner students and those needing to go grocery shopping in Brazil.

Animal words - study the words for animals in the Portuguese language. Match pictures of animals with the Brazilian Portuguese word. Pay attention to the gender of the noun.

Vocabulary quizzes - two games with vocabulary lists and audio, each of which contains 33 Brazilian Portuguese words. Beginners may wish to first take the simpler quiz with 17 words. Choose either vocabulary game 1 or the slightly more advanced vocabulary game 2.

Vocabulary builders - two quizzes of 48 words; vocabulary builder 1, and the further vocabulary builder 2. Match the Portuguese word with the corresponding English word.

Verbs - infinitive form - list of words with audio and quiz. Learn some of the most useful verbs in the Portuguese language.

Portuguese spelling games - this Brazilian Portuguese word spelling section currently offers three quizzes for spelling Portuguese words; colors, animals and general vocabulary.

Mobile and tablet games for Brazilian Portuguese - the games on this website offered in a format for mobile users. Mostly vocabulary drills and phrases games.

Portuguese learning links - a short review of some quality materials for learning Portuguese, including online dictionaries, and media and literature websites.

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