French for mobile

Below are phrases and words for learning French on phones and mobile devices without Flash Player. If your mobile device has a Flash Player you can play the interactive games and quizzes in the games section


Hello - Bonjour

Goodbye - Au revoir

Goodbye (informal) - Salut

Good morning - Bonjour

Good evening - Bon soir

How are you? (formal) - Comment allez-vous?

Very well - Très bien

Please - S'il vous plaît

Thank you - Merci

You're welcome -De rien

Do you speak English? - Parlez-vous anglais?

I don't understand - Je ne comprends pas 

What is your name? - Comment vous appelez-vous?

Pleased to meet you - Enchanté(e)

How many/ how much? - Combien?

How old are you? - Quel âge avez-vous?

What time is it? - Quelle heure est-il?



One - un

Two - deux

Three - trois

Four - quatre

Five - cinq

Six - six

Seven - sept

Eight - huit

Nine - neuf

Ten - dix

Eleven -onze

Twelve - douze



Black - noir

Blue - bleu

Brown - brun

Green - vert

Grey - gris

Orange - orange

Pink - rose

Purple - violet

Red - rouge

White - blanc

Yellow - jaune